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2024 Wedding trends to keep your eye on

We love a fabulous wedding at the Ro. And we love making weddings fabulous too. So we’re particularly pleased that the big 2024 wedding trends are all about couples doing things their way - so they get the wedding they want, rather than the wedding others expect. Here’s the Ro Hotel’s round-up of how that might work for you.


‘Non-wedding weddings’

This is a phrase you hear more and more when people talk about 2024 wedding trends. But what does ‘non-wedding weddings’ mean? Essentially it’s celebrating your wedding your way, rather than ticking off a checklist of traditional wedding features that you might not want.

If you do want a classic day with formal dress, traditional vows, speeches and a grand ‘cutting of the cake’ moment, that’s great - you can still delight in those things. But if you don’t - that’s fine too. So what might this key 2024 wedding trend look like?


A relaxed day

For many wanting a non-wedding wedding, it’s largely about taking some of the rigidity out of both expectations and the day’s events. They might not want a formal sit-down dinner, or even elaborate food - BBQs or casual buffets might  appeal.

Non-traditional wedding dresses are also on the rise, with many couples wanting to ensure when they declare their love for each other, they still look very much like themselves. It doesn’t mean glamour and styling is out - just that more people are feeling comfortable presenting their style, rather than someone else’s.

There might be a DIY element to parts of the day. Flowers and favours - some couples prefer to ask friends and family to help out with some of these, or even design and make some aspects themselves.


Candid photos

Relaxed, documentary-style photos - either instead of, or as well as more conventional, staged, images - feel more natural and modern for many. Styles are shifting too - black and white photography is likely to remain a prominent 2024 wedding trend, with many preferring these classic, timeless images.

Other photo fashions are 90s-style flash photography and, increasingly, photographers who use film, rather than digital cameras. Fans say the richness and quality of the photos can’t be matched by digital images.

Meanwhile the increasing part social media plays in many lives has seen the rise of wedding content creators. Their job is specifically to capture and share the event on social media - a great way to ensure you’re able to update your wider friendship network without having to worry about taking, selecting and sharing images yourself.


Two-day & multi-day events

Searches for the phrase “weekend wedding venue” have risen dramatically in the last year. No wonder - for some couples trying to fit everything into one day is a challenge. Perhaps people are travelling from further afield. Or there may be a wide variety of guests, from lots of different times in your lives.

Trying to work in a ceremony that allows you to declare your love and make formal vows, and try to catch up with everyone, and ensure you as well as they have a great time, can feel too much to fit into one day.

Which is why another of the main 2024 wedding trends is to split events over two or more days. A ceremony on one day and a big gathering and party on another can be a perfect solution. It also opens up the possibility of having different guests at different events.

Others feel more comfortable having a more formal day for ceremonies followed by a much more relaxed day when everyone can let their hair down and the happy couple actually get to spend some time with their guests.


Intimate weddings

While some people love the thought of getting scores or hundreds of people together for their wedding, it leaves others cold. Which is why a rising 2024 wedding trend enables people to opt for much, much smaller affairs.

It’s also in line with the 'do your own thing' vibe. An event for 20 will inevitably feel very different to one for 100. Calm and friendly, they can be a chance for you and your guests to really connect with each other and the occasion.

At the Ro we know that this type of intimate event is actually what some couples want. And we love making it happen. In fact we’re proud to offer everything from our Intimate Package - for 20 people, to a You and Me Two Night Offer for just the happy couple. Romantic, luxurious, indulgent, you get all the elements you’d expect from a wedding - including a dedicated Wedding Coordinator, a private ceremony and a lot of spoiling, without the fuss.


Weddings at the Ro

Finally our top 2024 wedding trends tip: fall in love with the Ro Hotel. The experienced team at our Lake District retreat delight in delivering weddings with “wow”. The location is the stuff your wedding dreams are made of. Set in the heart of Bowness on Windermere, the Ro is a beguilingly beautiful hotel in a bewitchingly beautiful place. And we’re also proud to welcome everyone, no matter who you are. Unstuffy, warm, inclusive - when you hold your wedding at the Ro, it’s on your terms.

Our roots reach back to the 1880s and the Ro’s stately facade adds endless elegance to your big day. Our multi-million pound refurb ensures chic, contemporary spaces in which to welcome your guests. Our skilled chefs create exquisite seasonal wedding cuisine.

Our expert Wedding Coordinator ensures everything flows smoothly so you can relax and actually enjoy both the build up and the big event. And our wedding brochure clearly outlines our packages, which range from two to 90 people with plenty, including exclusive hire, in between.

Add the spectacular backdrop of Lake Windermere and you can be sure of captivating views and an unforgettable experience.